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Market Commentary

Market Commentary 05/21/2024

The Markets Reading the economic tea leaves. Tasseography practitioners read tea leaves to forecast the future. Some economic data serve […]

Market Commentary 05/14/2024

The Markets Higher rates are doing what they’re supposed to do. Last week, Federal Reserve officials spoke about keeping the […]

Market Commentary 05/07/2024

The Markets What will the Federal Reserve do? Uncertainty about the direction and timing of Fed rate cuts is causing […]

Market Commentary 04/30/2024

The Markets The economy appears to be slowing down. Last week, many investors were focused on economic data. The Personal […]

Market Commentary 04/23/2024

The Markets Investors have been recalibrating their expectations. There is a lot going on in the world that could affect […]

Market Commentary 04/16/2024

The Markets Inflation and geopolitics and earnings. Oh, my! It was a rough week for stock markets. “The S&P 500 […]

Market Commentary 04/09/2024

The Markets The bull charged from October 2023 through March 2024. Last week, it took a breather. Optimistic may be […]

Market Commentary 04/02/2024

The Markets What do dieters have in common with the Federal Reserve? If you’ve ever dieted, you may be familiar […]

Market Commentary 03/26/2024

The Markets The central banks have spoken. No one expected the United States Federal Reserve to announce a rate change […]

Market Commentary 03/19/2024

The Markets Here’s the tea on stock markets and presidential elections. Last week, a slew of headlines mentioned stock market […]